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Important note for your security! Attention:
For the security of your account, when your order has been delivered, please DO NOT change your Password back to the one you use before ordering from us, Please remember that and scroll down and enjoy buying from us! Thank you!

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Runescape Gold
RS GP 4,000K-11.96 usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape Gold
RS GP 5,000K-15.95 usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape Gold
RS GP 6,000K-20.94 usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape coin
RS GP 7,000K-23.93usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape coin
RS GP 8,000K-28.92usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape coin
RS GP 9,000K-31.91usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape Gold
RS GP10,000K-35.00usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape Gold
RS GP15000K-54.00usd
Character Name Here:
Runescape Gold
RS GP20000K-72.00usd
Character Name Here:

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Rs Gold --- Fast Delivery
Even after Jan 2nd rs update, rs15min.com still provide the fast delivery along with full satisfaction.just get a membership.

Buy Gold For Your LVL80+ Accounts
To buy gold on this page, your ingame guy must be level 80+, Defence 60+, Prayer 43+
No Bans Guaranteed
The process is actually quite simple and it's not against the RS rules. For details of this process please click the top banner.
Compensation Policy If It Happens
We will give you another same account as compensation, our LiveChat operators will be there 24/7 to assist you.
What's Needed In This Process?
Your Account ID, Password and Bank Pin

Order tracking: Please contact our live help for the details. live help 24/7 online service!

Account safety policy: In rare case we have to change your password to ensure your account safety,you can simply get your new password after the money delivery.

Compensation policy : We take the most secure way to work for your order.

You also can think about our runescape powerleveling. After your payment, please contact our live help for the details. live help 24/7 online service!


We are a professional Store, we supply RS2 gold, someone may call it RS2 Money, or GP ( Gold Pieces ). Not only this, We provide some items in RS2, Such as Yew logs. And we will supply more items for you. All we do is just for your best experience in games. ^_^
Actually, there are no RS2 hacks, RS2 cheats, and if there were, it's no useful or your account would get banned. But if you buy gold or items from us it is very safe. Because we contact you in game and give you the gold face to face. So do not trust any hacks, duplicating items and autominers, as they may be virus and steal your password, and ban your account.
We strive to offer the fastest and most Reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. We are here for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With deliveries done within a few minutes from the time your order is placed. Get the most out of your game time and money with the best, only at your most reliable internet gaming services.
Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by online support or email to gamekingj@hotmail.com


Our promise for RS2 Gold Money sending is
15 mins - 24 hours RS2. After you pay, please contact with our online support ASAP, then to make a fixed time to complete the trade. Since the trade should be face to face, so we hope you can feel free to contact with our online support when you have any problem.


All characters, items, money and Gold pieces in "RS2" are the sole property of Jagex Ltd.
 This purchase is not for RS2 of their intellectual property but it is merely for the time we spent acquiring the Gold Piece and getting them to you."RS2" is a trademark of Jagex Ltd.
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